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Obatics is an affordable, easy to use business management system, specifically designed for small to medium size companies



Obatics will improve the efficiency of your company and will help you manage your sales, customers, inventory, shop floor and much more at an affordable price

Obatics integrates all features seamlessly, organising important tasks into one overview, allowing you and your team to plan and manage, rather than react and micro manage your companies day-to-day tasks

Key Features

Obatics offers customisable solutions, which allow you to create features to best suit your company’s requirements

Key features include Sales, Quotations, Work Orders, Task Management, Invoicing and Payments, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Control, Customer Relations, Traceability and barcode integration


All information is stored on the cloud using the latest in security. Information can also be stored and easily backed up locally on your computer or server

Normally, Obatics stores your data in the Cloud, but if your business requires an "In-house" solution or the internet isn't an option, you can also store your data locally on your own server.

Easy to Use

Obatics is easy to install and maintain and it can be accessed on your desktop computer or on the move from your laptop, smart phone or tablet


Every business is different. For example, your company might deal with "Projects" instead of "Sales Orders". For this reason, Obatics gives you the power to change label names to suit your business.

Obatics, meets most company’s entire business needs but you may have some requirements which are unique and not available on any business management systems you have investigated.

We provide a customize solution allowing you to add or change the standard set of features to suit your company's unique requirements.

Start-up Companies Special Offer

If your company was formed in the last 2 years, you can take advantage of our Start-Up Special Offer and avail of 6 months licensing free-of-charge.

Contact us if you would like more information.

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